SainSmart Wood Shape Sorter

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This isn't your typical blocks and shapes toy. The typical box shapes has been revamped and redesigned to have a fun and exciting change. This is a great teaching toy but also made of high quality materials. The shapes are solid and sturdy. They won't crack or splinter with use. The box is nice and solid so that when the blocks are placed inside of it, they easily stay put. It also has safe and eco-friendly paint. This will help your child learn colors and shapes at the same time.

When the blocks are in the box, you can store them safely or you can open the lid and remove them for the child to play with again. There are 13 shapes that are fun for them to play with. You can even have the child practice building with the blocks as they stack easily. This is fun for them to see how to practice balancing blocks and making bigger shapes like using the triangles to make a square.
I highly recommend this product as it can help promote learning
potential through math, geometry and color recognition.
High quality material, natural wood and Eco-friendly
paint, safety for toddlers playing with.

Help your baby learn a variety of geometric shapes,
stimulate the baby's ability to observe and mathematical potential.

Let your baby exercise hand-eye coordination when baby rotate color blocks,
training baby's patience and concentration.

13 cut-out shapes in four of the sides, matching the holes on the box,
then dump them out and do it again.
Recommended for kids above 18 months ( Must have adult supervision )

Features:SainSmart Jr. Sparkle CB-26 13 Hole Wooden Building Blocks can help kids recognize color, observe shape, promote babies operational ability. It can improve kids memories ability, judge and thinking ability.

Tips for playing
1. the intellectual box open, the building blocks of various shapes out,
teach your baby to recognize different shapes and colors;
2. Let the kid embedd the building blocks of various shape to the corresponding position.
By this way, the children Learns to distinguish between shapes and colors through
coordinated eye and hand movements. Kids' observe ability is improved!
3.Expert guidance advice: pay attention to the details of the child's sensitive period and fine motor sensitive period of exercise; let the children get exercise at the same time right-hand man.


Size: 5.31 x 5.31 x 4.72""
Color: multicolor
Material: wood
Weight: 700g

Package Include:
1 x Wooden Box
1 x 13 Building Blocks
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