Haoduoyi Womens Simple Floral Vertical Stripe Flare Sleeve Chiffon Blouse

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I never really know what size to order when it comes from countries other than the United States, but I typically order bigger sizes because after ordering before, they run really small. I ordered larger again on this shirt and I realized I could have gone down a size but even with it larger fitting, it still looks great. It's a very loose fitting blouse that has a cinch on each wrist so you can have the sleeves flared out or tied around the wrist. There is also a tie that you can leave hanging around the neck or tied.
The shirt is very thin and would be great for a summer evening or walking around the boardwalk. It can be worn with shorts or blue jeans with a nice pair of boots or sandals. It's very flattering in terms of dressing it with outfits. I did wear a white tank top underneath it because it is thin and can be see through. The pattern itself is very pretty and has a variety of blues on a white shirt.  The v neck portion of the shirt is also nice because it does cut down but not deep enough to be too revealing for those that want to be modest. It's an absolute adorable shirt that everyone should purchase! The company is very great at providing responses back if you have any questions. They are fantastic!

Shirt Sizing
XXL: Length--29.72--Bust--45.66--Sleeve--27.95

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