MangoFit Premium Hot Yoga Towel

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I have been going to yoga frequently but it wasn't until January that I really started going every day, multiple times a day. We are having a 30 and 60 day challenge in which you go to yoga every day for 30 and 60 days. I was going 2 times a day, 6 days a week for a while until I got a really awful stomach bug that took me out of the running because I missed a week and a half. Between the puking and running to the bathroom, I couldn't make it and was most definitely not going to expose anyone at the studio to this nasty virus. Now that I am back to a healthy state and back to yoga, I have been thinking about what I can do to benefit myself more.

Because I mostly do hot yoga with a mix of restorative and power vinyasa flow in between, I end up finding things about my yoga towels that I don't necessarily care for. I have one towel that I used frequently before I received this towel. It was great but my feet slipped going into certain poses when I would have to take a 3-4 foot stance, no matter how much I sprayed it prior to class. My other towel is more of a bathroom towel feel to it which holds my feet better but it moves around so much when I am moving so that isn't too helpful either.
This towel on the other hand is fantastic. The best thing I like about this yoga towel is that it has  pockets (one in each corner) that you can use to slide your actual mat in underneath. It doesn't move on me no matter what I do because my mat sticks to the floor and my towel fits around my mat. I still spray it down prior to class because the mist helps me grip better. It absorbs the sweat without feeling like I am laying in my own puddle of sweat. It's also easy to clean. I don't know if I will find another towel that is better than this one. I highly recommend it for all of your hot yoga needs.
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