Green Direct 16oz Party Cups

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Green Direct Colored Tumblers are perfect for any summer and all Year Round Events.
The Adorable colors Coordinates Perfectly with Other Bright Tableware.
These Phenomenal Classic FUN Tumblers are the ideal enhancement for any occasion it dresses up the table in an easy way. Your guest will surely be impressed by these beautiful colored cups.

It is a “great idea” for any:
★black tie event★,
★tasting and sampling parties★,
★catered presentations ★
★ weddings★
★birthday parties★
★classic candy buffets★
★dessert tables and more★

It is also ideal for:

✔ Adults and Kids Jamboree,
✔ Pool Party,
✔ Baby Shower,
✔ Beach Party,
✔ Cinco de Mayo party,
✔Ice cream parties,

These Crystal Neon Cups are premium Sparkling plastic cold cups that are durable and crack-resistant thanks to its PET construction. Its crystal design and rolled rim helps maintain an upscale feel and appearance. Its disposable character is perfect for after party clean-up.
These cups come in handy for various events. One thing I like about them is how colorful they are. These cups are great for anything from birthday parties to gatherings at home with friends. They are pretty sturdy. I wouldn't go stepping on them on try it out but they will hold your drink without issue. Clean-up is even easier because they are disposable. You can reuse them if you wish but that's up to you. I am happy with the way the product was packaged as well. They had it bubble wrapped tight so that they didn't have any cracks or breaks in them. I highly recommend this product!
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
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