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SWEATPROOF & STYLISH: iSMARTECH in-ear sweatproof earbuds are the best in Sports Audio Features.These wireless headphones are Innovative & come with Sweat Proof Covering without annoying ear hooks. The sports headset Stay in Place No Matter the Physical Activity.
With iSMARTECH superb bass & stereo quality, you will be able to Hear Richer and More Natural Sound from Your Smartphones, Tablets, and Audio Devices with the latest beatING featured headset.
iSMARTECH Wireless Bluetooth headset 4.1 Offers a Faster, More Energy Efficient Connection so You Can Listen to Music for up to 4 hours and more.
Our wireless sports earphones Feature BeatING Cvc Noise Cancellation Technology, the Integrated Microphone Lets You Chat Without External Noise or Other Interference.
No more stress of call being cut-off while chatting to your loved ones, as iSMARTECH beatING brand covers longer range too, if incase you have to walk away form your device.
These headphones are AMAZING! I can run, dance, do silks, and pole without having them fall out of my ears. The fact that they are Bluetooth makes them that much nicer because I don't have to hold onto whatever I have them plugged into. It doesn't hold you back from doing your workouts. Because I do aerial silks and hoop, I end up needing to be handsfree but still love music. The ear buds stay in your ears even when you are sweaty. Plus, they have a nice thick wire so you don't have to worry about it breaking easy after a short use. If you aren't using it for fitness or exercise, you'll love them even more because of how sleek they look. You'll be the talk of the town with these earbuds. I HIGHLY recommend this product for anyone looking for a new pair of earbuds that are Bluetooth.

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