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Keep Your Babies Comfortable And Effortlessly Carry Them While Keeping Your Hands Free Thanks To The Ultimate Baby Carrier!Having a baby is heart-warming, life changing experience! However, carrying your little treasure around with you might prove a little difficult. Well, this is not the case anymore! iCarryBaby presents you with a top rated baby sling which promises to keep your baby comfortably lying on you, relaxing and listening to your heartbeat while allowing you to effortlessly perform any task!

mium Quality, Safe And Incomparably Soft Material That Provides A Delicate Touch This top notch baby and infant cozy carrier is made of finest quality, soft material which is the perfect choice for your little angel's sensitive skin. What is more, the stretchable fabric assures maximum comfort, allowing you to easily adjust and tighten it until you and your baby feel 100% comfortable. In addition, the unmatched durability assures maximum safety, always keeping your baby in place and preventing it from dropping down.
Last but not least, this baby sling for new-borns and infants allows you to easily breastfeed in public while you can also place it over the stroller and protect your baby from the sun or the wind. Enjoy Complete Freedom Of  Movement And Use The Handy Front Pocket To Keep Everything Within Reach This amazing baby pouch sling and infant carrier has been specially designed to help you keep your baby snuggly embraced, allowing you to clean your house, do the shopping or walk the dog! The front pocket is ideal for storing pacifiers and baby toys so as to keep all you need near you and save time and effort.

I absolutely adore this sling. It is completely gender neutral which is fantastic because as we all know, this day and age people get offended by everything. The neutral grey is great for little boys or girls! I also love that super soft and comfortable to wear. Nobody likes wearing slings that are itchy or not comfortable for you or baby. There is a handy front pocket that you can keep a few things in.

I will have a video tutorial posted as soon as I get better as I have been super sick this week. But I have nothing but great things to say about this baby sling! I highly recommend it!
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*
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