Life is Crap Shirt

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The classic, the craze that started it all, the wonderful logo that just defines what we are all about, which is crap! Life isn't always good and frankly that is just overrated. Let us snap back to reality and realize that life is truly crap. Not everything that happens in life is all sunshine, daisies and good times. This funny T-shirt is the perfect way to show everyone that sometimes life just doesn't go your way and it seems like a giant load of bird crap has landed straight on your head. Use our funny T-shirts for everyday troubles to make some people laugh at your crap!
All of our novelty t-shirts are meant to give people a chance to show the crappier side of life. When was the last time something actually happened according to your plan? When was the last time something good happened? Probably can't remember because it doesn't happen that often. Our funny graphic tees remind people, using funny graphics, that sometimes life is crap.
It's funny how clothing sometimes can play a big part of our conversations. We were having a get together with a handful of friends and my shirt was actually delivered the same day. And by my shirt, I mean my husbands shirt because this is more of his style of clothing. He is into the shirts that get attention shirts that just make him laugh. When I was given the chance to review the shirt, I had to get it. I ordered one size up when I bought it knowing it was cotton so it would shrink in the wash. It actually fit fairly well even before washing so the size is pretty true to size. The colors are nice too! After washing, they didn't fade like most cotton shirts do immediately. The crowd we had at home got a chuckle out of it and some even asked where it came from along with questions of how I get so many products to review, but the shirt was the main attraction.
Life isn't pretty. Sometimes, life just plain sucks. But why be so serious about it? This would make a great gift for someone who needs a pick me up or a good gag gift for a birthday. I know I wish I would have had this shirt during chemo because that would have really been something to pick up my spirits.
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