Mikayo Saito Drapery Panel in Tropicalia Review

by - 11:22 AM

Treat yourself! Curtains starting to look like worn out sheets or something Freuline Maria could make play clothes from? Come back to this century with some stylish curtains from Indigo2ash! We have an artful array of  colors, patterns, and textures to choose from. Treat yourself to a stylish pop of color with our modern mix of drapery! Who doesn’t love a pop of color?!

The website describes these as a pop of color, which would be true if I didn't order the black and grey curtains. But even black and grey can be the pop of color that a room needs. We have just purchased a home and of course, it needed curtains. I have a craft room that we needed curtains for and these were just the right colors. They are earth tones so a nice dark color seemed right for the room. Also, the biggest reason I wanted black curtains was for the daybed that will be going in the room.
We have a full guest room but having a craft room with a daybed for when we have more than one guest/couple in the home gives another option for sleeping arrangements besides a couch. The darker curtains allow for a darker room at night, providing a better night of sleep. These curtains are not only room darkening but they are very decorative and beautiful. The leaf pattern looks great with the repetitive pattern. I also like that it came with the hooks so all we had to do was purchase the curtain rod. So far, we have had nothing but compliments on the curtains! Do yourself a favor and purchase these one of a kind curtains for your home and you will be amazed by the color and style!
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*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*

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