Pilates/Yoga Socks Review

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PVC grip dots cover the entire foot for a safe and secure step during any workout. Heel tab design prevents sock from sliding down the heel when worn with shoes. Tired of slipping when practicing yoga? It is the Secret of Never Worrying about Losing Grip!     
These nonskid socks are soft, breathable and extremely durable. No more holes, shrinking or shedding! Natural cotton absorbs sweat, gives you ultimate comfort with less bulk and offers you barefoot feeling.
Engineered anti-slip grips on the heel and arch offer superior balance, comfort and stability, which helps you hold your poses with ease during yoga practice. Elastic material comfortably stretches over your foot for a snug and secure fit that won’t twist or slide with use.             
Bare feet combined with shared mats make you vulnerable to fungal infections. Regular socks are less breathable and less absorbent, which leads to infection. Investing in our socks now to avoid pain down the road.
Ideal for not only yoga, but also pilates, barre, bikram and ballet dance. Perfect for home, travel, studio and hospital use too. Specifically designed for Yoga and Pilates, it offers superb grip and traction on almost any surface, which results in better balance, stability and control during workout sessions.

Before I injured myself in an aerialist activity, I was going to yoga actively. At least 4-5 times a week actively. Now that I am recovering from a fractured arm, hurt back, strep throat, ear infections, and c diff all within the course of a week, I am slowly getting my yoga practice beginning again at home. It's all super easy poses that don't require much movement but that is ok because these socks are great for that. If I am standing still and go into a bow and arrow pose, my foot stays securely on the ground without moving because of how grippy they are. The pack comes with 4 different colors of socks. You don't see the grey or white because my friend loved them as much as I did so she took 2 of them home with her. Not only are they super grippy but they are really comfortable as well. I could wear them as an everyday sock if I really wanted to. If you practice yoga in a studio or at home, you most certainly want to invest in these yoga socks. They are amazing for any yogi wanting a safe practice.
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