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A number of years ago I came across a supplement called OxyElite Pro. This was a thermogenic that was incredible for me. Not only did it give me the energy I needed but it also suppressed my appetite too. About a year after taking it, it was banned by the FDA due to people abusing the supplement. I was devastated by this. By random a couple weeks ago, a friend of mine had commented on Facebook about trying out a free sample of this product, Oxy Shredz Elite. This caught my attention because a) the bottle had similar coloring to the OxyElite Pro and b) all the comments were talking about how great this product was. I looked at the ingredients and sure enough, they were just about the same. I HAD to try this product. There was no doubt about it. After some contact with the company, I had a handful of products at my door waiting for my husband and I to try out.

This extreme lipolyic agent is filled with 90 servings that are fast absorbing and help promote long lasting focus and awareness, increased sense of wellbeing, and energy levels that will assist with your metabolic rate to help burn fat and shred your core like no other. 
This is by far my favorite supplement on the market right now. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to try this to compare it to OxyElite Pro and after trying it out continuously for 2 weeks, I am sold. While taking OxyElite Pro, I would usually take it half an hour before eating and drink 8oz of water with it. Most mornings I would eat a small breakfast or drink a meal replacement shake. About 30 minutes later, I would end up going to the bathroom (might be TMI but it was very runny) and then the pill would kick in. It would start with getting jitters, almost like the feeling of a pre-workout. With Oxy Shredz Elite, I get the same intense workout without the same feelings. This supplement I can take before I eat or after I eat and still get the same benefits. I also don't get the feeling that I have to go to the bathroom. I know when the pill starts to work because I suddenly get talkative and then have lots of energy. The other thing that I love about this aside from the energy is how great the appetite suppressant works. I actually have to make myself eat with this pill and I don't consider it necessarily eating. I have a piece of fruit for my lunch and by dinner I am just now starting to feel like I am getting hungry. You can take more than 1 pill a day but for me, it works best if I only take 1 pill.
With OxyElite Pro, you could take up to 3 pills a day but had to stop taking it after 4 weeks so it wouldn't cause liver damage. Aside from that, I also only took 1 pill each down for 2 weeks and then would not take it for 2 weeks. I don't want my body to get used to the pill too quickly. I'm doing the same thing with this and sticking to 1 pill a day and doing 2 weeks on, 1 week off. I haven't had any negative or adverse effects or reactions with this pill. Which is surprising only because thermogenics usually have some sort of side effect that someone doesn't like. I don't get the flushed cheeks or the jitters. There isn't a crazy crash either.

Now, this will probably be different from person to person only because of how we are built. I'm 5'3 and 120 lbs. I absorb pills a lot easier than others. My husband on the other hand is 6'0 and 250 lbs. He tried out a couple of my pills and felt the same energy and appetite dissipating. But he said he could have taken 2 pills easily. I also work out very frequently. I do aerial silks, aerial hoop/lyra, and pole. I also have been doing brazillian butt lift dvd's with my friend daily and I have much more energy to get me through the workout which is pretty intense.   Of course, like I said this results will vary depending on your body and your activity level.

Now, I will say this. My co-worker ordered this when I raved about how great it was. She actually felt like she was hungrier the first couple days and then after the first week, she noticed her appetite decreased. I don't know if this has any correlation but she drinks a lot of coffee. I'm wondering if the coffee she drinks doesn't give her the energy because it's not as much caffeine as she is used to? That's totally just my hypothesis but something to remember when it comes to your caffeine intake. I rarely drink caffeine so it could easily explain my increased energy. If you are looking for something to give you the energy boost as well as the appetite suppressant, give this a shot!
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Dramatically boost your testosterone production today with Extreme ATest from ANS laboratories. ATest is a unique product that aids in supporting testosterone through multiple pathways making this testosterone booster is unlike any other formula on the market today.
For this product, ATEST, I'll give you my husbands review and then I'll give you my review. Before he started taking these pills, going to the gym was something that he had to force himself to do. He wouldn't want to just get up and go. There was the lagging energy that would be saying "Do I need to go?". Since taking these pills, he actually wants to go now! He easily notices that he can get through his workout more quickly and more efficiently. This also worked in bringing up his actual levels of testosterone because he went from a low level to normal within just a couple of weeks. His doctors were impressed with his increase and said to keep doing whatever he was doing. There aren't any negative side effects to it. He takes it along side his daily medications as well as with his thermogenic (Torrid). He no longer trudges through the day without motivation. Like today for example, he hurt his knee a little at work but came home and dug up the flower beds and got everything ready for us to plant. Before Atest, he would have come in, showered, and watched tv. It's a big difference from my perspective alone.
Now as far as what I can see with him taking these pills, well.. a lot of it is in the bedroom. He is turning 41 this week and has the typical slump that comes with age. I won't lie. We have a great sex life. But I feel like the energy and stamina has been bumped up 100x prior to taking it. What woman could complain about that? I can notice the change with him from the time he comes home too. We just purchased a house so there has been a lot of fixes that we have wanted to do and when I get home from work, they are done! The whole house was painted in 3 days with just him and a couple other friends. Whatever these pills are doing for him, I am amazed. It's not that he was lazy, but now he has far more energy and better moods to go with it. Not everyone will get these results but I can say that it is worth a try. We went in completely open minded and I am blown away!
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Torrid is a fat burning formula that makes weight loss feel as good as it looks. This extreme weight loss agent is undisputed when it comes to annihilating body fat. Torrid contains a list of ingredients that can help you drop a few pounds. Torrid aids in eliminating fatigue and drowsiness. 
Torrid was another supplement that my husband wanted to try out. He has been looking for a thermogenic that would help him have more energy to get him through the day as well as an appetite suppressant. The biggest thing with my husband is that he loves food. He has needed to lower his portions for some time now but didn't until recently. Well, let me rephrase that. When we first met, he was a lot heavier. I got him to start going to the gym with me and he dropped 25 lbs in just a couple months. Then he got laid off and then we moved multiple times. It was rough and he just lost the motivation and drive to go to the gym. 6 years later, we are back to an active lifestyle and he is able to lower his portions significantly and not feel hungry. He snacks on healthy fruits and vegetables throughout the day instead of having 3 big meals.

The biggest thing he noticed was the energy boost that comes with taking it. He drinks unsweet tea pretty frequently and drinks LOTS of water so his caffeine intake is usually higher than mine. Knowing that, he still gets quite a bit of energy! The weight has been steadily dropping over the past couple weeks with diet and exercise of course and he has a greater focus on everything. We both are super impressed with the results that he is seeing.
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Fruits and Greens are the essential key to any healthy diet. This nutrient rich concentrated superfood blend not only tastes amazing but gives you a serving of all of your daily fruits and greens in a few scoops that you can mix up and drink on the go.
This one... I'm kind of torn on this one. While I do love the side effects that this provides, I can't get through the taste of it. But, take that with a grain of salt because both my husband and one of my close friends both tried it and they think it taste like Kool-aid. For me, it was insanely sweet but had a bad aftertaste. I tried it multiple times and just couldn't get past it. I tried it mixed in water. I tried putting in in the fridge the night before. I tried it so many ways. That said, when I did drink it, I felt amazing. It was almost like my mind knew that my body was doing good while my body felt that it had the nutrients it needed. My husband likes it because he doesn't get all the fruits and vegetables he needs daily and this supplies him with them. My friend who tried it is an aerialist also and she really likes it because before a hard work-out, she has the vitamins and minerals needed to keep her body healthy. Therefore, as long as you don't mind a sugary tasting drink, it does have great benefits.
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