Temperameant Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

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Responsive touch helps you to maintain the fast and seamless use of your touchscreen while protecting it from cracks and scratches caused by drops and daily use             
2.5D/9H Hardness/0.33mm thickness increases your iPhone’s longevity by protecting its’ screen from accumulating Dust, Oil and Residue. It takes all of the abuse so your touchscreen doesn’t have to             
Full transparency and Touch Responsiveness while Reducing Glare and Fingerprints which allows you to interact with your iPhone effectively while shielding it at the same time             
Clean your touchscreen, line it up, lay the glass on your screen and it will do the rest. Wet and Dry Wipe Cleaning Cloths are included.
Testameant Premium Tempered Glass can be removed without leaving pesky residue on your touchscreen and has rounded edges to provide room for your cell phone case to be installed securely without damaging the glass
Everywhere you go, someone is playing on their phone. They look at something, someone runs into them, or they simply drop it. They pick it up and it has a shattered screen. That wouldn't happen if you had the Testameant Tempered Glass Screen Protector on your iPhone. This comes with not one but two protectors. It is extremely easy to apply and doesn't change the quality of your phones responsiveness either. It comes with everything you need (cleaning cloths and protector) as well as very detailed instructions on how to put it on the phone safely. I highly recommend this as you will have a great amount of protection in this this glass case!
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