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Spoken language is the mainstay of intervention for children on the spectrum. Even when they cannot speak, the children receive hundreds of hours in speech/language therapy. Spoken language is deemed to be so critical that any sounds—even those that just approximate words—are welcomed. The effort can go on for years—even when the children are showing minimal, if any, progress.
By contrast, remarkably little work is put into the "other" form of language—that is, literacy (reading and writing). Recently, when asked about what he is offering in literacy, the director of a school for children 4-10 years replied: "We don't have programs in that area. We have so many more important things to teach." He is not alone. For many, literacy is not viewed as a critical skill.
Imagine what parents of neurotypical (NT) children would do if told, "Reading and writing are not in our curriculum. There are just too many more important things your child has to learn." They know that literacy is a, if not THE, single most valuable skill a child can master. It is the path to school success, jobs, and intellectual growth. The consequences for failing to teach it to children on the spectrum are incalculable.
This program is fantastic for children of all ages who fall on the spectrum. Much of it can be catered to the child and you can focus on areas that they need; specifically verbal or spelling. There are multiple levels to the program that allow for personal growth. Literacy is the single most valuable skill a child can master and if you are an autistic child, you might not be able to reach that growth.
You can sign your child/children up for a year long package or do it month to month. You also get a discount if you want to sign multiple children up for it. In my case, this is great for in my classroom where I have multiple children on the disorder and I can monitor their growth via the progress on the program. It's already shown a dramatic increase in those who are non-verbal! The programs are fun and functional. You can program it to your tablet/touch screen electronic or use the keyboard on a regular computer/laptop. The program is really interactive and cute. It keeps kids focused!

Here is a one page PDF about the program:

 Information and videos about the autism program Dr. Blank created:
Articles relating to Dr. Blank’s research on teaching children with Autism:
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