Bouchard Chocolates

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Craving something sweet? So are we. That’s why we’ve spent over 80 years perfecting our rich Belgian chocolates. We use only high quality ingredients to bring you the distinct intoxicating taste of Bouchard. Check out our wide assortment of chocolates, there is something for every occasion.
I was given this product to review in a different way than usual. I was provided the money to purchase the product on my own and then would give my review after purchasing. They were at my local Walgreens and very easy to find. I found them with the other boxed chocolates in the candy aisle. These chocolate cheesecake bites are amazingly delicious! It has a trio of flavors; chocolate fudge, dolce de leche, and my favorite, strawberry. Each bite is something delicious. The strawberry has a white chocolate coating that is just the right amount of sweet. It has the littlest crunch, that to me resembles the texture of the graham cracker crust. The strawberry is what I think is what tops it!
So tasty! The chocolate fudge is a lot sweeter to me but only because it is really fudge like. And the caramel just melts in your mouth! They are all delicious bites of cheesecake that you can eat one and be satisfied. I won't lie though, I had 3 the first time because I had to try one of each. But now I just each one when I need a sugary craving. Which happens to be usually once a day since I am in a lot of pain after my most recent hospital visit to get some stitches. But this would be great for birthdays, valentines day, or anniversary's. These can be found at your local Walgreens so you can give these as a gift or have them for yourself!
*I received this product in exchange for an honest review*  

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