Greenheart Garden Shears

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STAYS SHARP LONGER - Rust and corrosion resistant titanium steel blades will help your bypass pruning shears keep their razor-sharp quality for the longest time, especially if you follow our simple maintenance and care tips.             
COMFORTABLE TO HOLD AND USE - The ergonomic design, combined with the dripped handles, makes it an effortless pleasure to use as you tend to your beautiful garden. PLUS, the amazing safety lock will make you feel secured when tending your garden.             
CLASSIC BYPASS DESIGN - Our 8 inch (20.32 cm) premium titanium pruning shears are best for clipping and trimming live stems, thin tree branches, flowers and fresh herbs.

STURDY AND RELIABLE - As well as the toughened razor-sharp titanium blades, the body itself is made from drop forged aluminum, which means our pruners are both lightweight and robust.

USE THEM ANYWHERE - These secateurs are great not only for cutting stems and light branches in your garden, but also in your greenhouse, inside your home, for window boxes, or even at the office, which means they will become one of your favorite tools.
These garden shears are incredible. I have an abundant garden right now. It is incredibly hard to prune here and there with shears that don't cut sharp. These shears on the other hand are amazing. They snip and trim with ease. It makes it having to prune the plants or trim off vegetables a piece of cake. There is a locking mechanism on them which is easy to open and close. Cleaning the shears are easy also. I like to clean them after each use so that I know they will stay sharp for as long as possible. They trim the tomatoes and squash so easily and I never have to worry about what I am going to do to trim the thicker plants. I absolutely love these shears better than any shears I have used prior. I highly recommend them for all of your gardening/landscaping uses.
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