Lasten Storage Box

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HARD PLASTIC--The 10.8" x 7.3" x 1.8" organizer storage container is made of durable non-toxic clear hard plastic material. The plastic storage case is in a high quality and clear hard plastic makes it feel very comfortable. Plastic compartment box is perfect for storing earrings, rings, beads and other mini goods.” Adjustable Jewelry box”“ jewelry storage box for you”” Adjustable Jewelry Organizer”

REMOVABLE DIVIDERS--The grids inside the box can be moved, so you can adjust the dividers to create your own size compartments in any size you want for other jewelry as well.” storage box with dividers”plastic storage case for your jewelry”” Jewelry storage box”

36 GRIDS--The plastic storage case can be divided for 36 grids at most with adjustable dividers. Each grid dimension is 1.8" x 1.6" x 1.2". The 36 grids clear hard plastic storage box organizer is simple and practical.” parts organizer boxes”” storage container”

MULTIPURPOSE--This 36 compartments plastic box is perfect to store earrings, necklace, rings, beads and other small accessories, bracelets, hairband and kind of stuff. Also can be used for storing electronic components, fishing hook, fish lure bait or other small tool kit. Things never tangle together anymore!” plastic containers storage”” jewelry storage box compartments”
Since I work at an elementary school, I am always finding new things that need to be organized. This actually came in handy because I have perler beads that needed sorted by color. The kids get to use them but they need to sort the first. The other thing I like is that these can be used for anything; beads, pills, jewelry, food even. The plastic dividers are removable so you can make them true to size. These are great for all of your needs! I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to get more organized.
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