Aqua Dog

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Forget about spills and bowls, Aqua Dog is the smart and easy way to hydrate your dog on the go! Active outings with your best furry friend are thirsty business, which makes this Aqua Dog portable automatic travel mug your next-best adventure buddy. Squeeze the bottle to fill the attached water bowl and let your dog drink his fill. Portable 18-ounce bottle features carry strap that you can attach to your belt loop or backpack Easily fills bowl without messy spills Made from BPA-free plastic Dishwasher safe Holds 18 ounces.
If there is one thing about where we live in the mountains, it is that it seems like everyone has a dog and is always taking their dogs out hiking with them. The one thing I don't see is how they are giving their dogs water while hiking some of these more strenuous trails or even just on hot days. This alleviates that problem. No more carrying around dog bowls. Whether on the go in the car or out hiking, this Aqua Dog is meant for dogs on the go. It has a one way valve so water can't go back into the container. It also has a strap so it is easy to carry. And for on the go, it fits in a standard size cup holder. Just squeeze the water into the attached bowl and you'll have water for your dog in a jiff. This would make hiking with your pets that much easier without the burden of carrying heavy dishes. I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to take care of their pets while out and about.
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